Springfield Rise Summer 2021/2 Community Newsletter

Join the online community for the latest community news. www.facebook.com/myspringfieldlakes We are all fortunate to live with the wild beauty of White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate right on our doorstep. Keeping this area safe for our community, while also protecting native animals and plants, is everyone’s responsibility. Did you know that some activities are not allowed within the Conservation Estate as they threaten the safety of people and wildlife, and can harm the environment and sites of cultural importance? Prohibited activities include quad biking, trail bike riding, dog walking, illegal dumping and vandalism. To report these activities taking place call 3810 6666 or email council@ipswich.qld.gov.au with details. Council’s ‘For the Love of Nature’ campaign helps keep Ipswich’s natural places safe for everyone. To find out more about this initiative, visit www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_council/initiatives/ environment/EnviroEd/for-the-love-of-nature For the Love of Nature Dog walking and trail bike riding is prohibited in White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate Images: ICC Artist impression A slam dunk for Springfield Pioneers Basketball is on the rise as one of Springfield’s most popular sporting clubs for kids! Founded with four teams in 2019, the club now has more than 400 registered players with teams ranging from five years old to professionals. We caught up with Pioneers Basketball’s June Tahata, a FIBA accredited coach who is excited about the club’s future. “Basketball is such a fun sport to play, I love to see the kids learning new skills on the court,” June said. “We’re also passionate about what they do off the court, helping them to make the most of their talents through hard work and a positive attitude. “It’s really important that playing basketball fits well with home life for these kids too. Pioneers has a strong community focus and a network of supportive families working together to help our players throughout their basketball journey. “In 2022 we’re looking forward to making basketball more accessible for players of all abilities, encouraging even greater participation and teamwork. We’re also introducing walking basketball and netball teams too. “Our kids are so excited about the Olympics coming to Brisbane in 2032. We have lots of very talented young players and I hope to see them make it to the highest levels of the game.” To connect with Pioneers Basketball visit www.facebook.com/pioneersblazeatrail Players of all ages are welcomed at Pioneers Basketball Images: Pioneers Basketball Club