Lendlease Annual Report 2022

46 Lendlease Annual Report 2022 Creating social value On track to reach our target Since launching our social value target in 2020, we have created $107.3m of social value through the work of our shared value partnerships, supported by Lendlease Foundation. We are well on track to achieve our target of $250m by 2025, with 42.9 per cent achieved to date. Shared value partnerships Our shared value partnerships are assessed using a methodology that combines the principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI) with a cost benefit analysis. This places an economic value on the improvement of wellbeing across a series of social outcomes. For every dollar invested we aim for an average return on social value of five dollars. More than 30 partnerships have now been assessed. A sample of assessment outcomes of our partnerships for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022 are shown. This year we launched #alittlehelptothrive, a social media campaign to celebrate the work of our shared value partnerships. The campaign stories can be found on our website. Social value on projects and assets Our social value target and reporting does not capture activities performed across our projects and assets. We are working on initiatives to support the tracking of social value across our sites with a key focus on: • Skilling and training • Employment • Volunteering. Social impact achievements • BeOnsite won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for outstanding achievement in promoting opportunity through social mobility. • FutureSteps celebrated the opening of yourtown’s Louise Place, a transitional home that received grant funding to provide housing and support services to survivors of family violence. • Long-standing Australian Community Grants Program expanded to the United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia. The total value of the Community Grants Program in FY22 was over $300,000. Top: Kuala Lumpur: Projek Komuniti Kita, featured in #alittlehelptothrive campaign. Partnership Social Return on Investment Social value Great Barrier Reef Foundation (Global) 10-year partnership supporting the Reef Islands Initiative to protect and restore critical habitats SROI – 1:14 For every $1 we invested, $14 of social value was created $28.3m Minami Sanriku (Japan) Supporting rebuilding the local community after the 2011 Great Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami SROI – 1:7.56 For every $1 we invested, $7.56 of social value was created $3.1m Programma 2121 (Italy) Training and paid internships for non-violent offenders within the Italian prison system, enabling them to enter the workforce upon release SROI – 1:4.5 For every $1 we invested, $4.50 of social value was created $2.3m Johnson Depression Center, University of Colorado and United Suicide Survivors International (Americas) Mental health and suicide prevention program aimed at reducing suicide in the construction industry SROI – 1:8.7 For every $1 we invested, $8.70 of social value was created $747k Australian Red Cross (Australia) Community initiative in Katherine, Northern Territory, operated by people in the local community with the support of the Red Cross SROI – 1:15.7 For every $1 we invested, $15.70 of social value was created $16.7m